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3rd Samalyot Fest Festival at the State Museum of Aviation (Kyiv, UA)

"Samalyot_fest # 3" - a large-scale entertainment and educational project,designed to promote aviation among the  younger generation.The festival is not only entertaining, but also educational activities in an interactive format.

General information:

Website: http://air.ikra.in/

Date of the event: June 11-12 2016 (from 10.00 am till 7.00 pm)

Venue: National Aviation Museum, Medovaya str., 1 (near "Zhulyany" airport).

Organizers: Event-agency "IKRA" with the support of the State Museum of Aviation and the National Aviation University.

Entrance fee: 100 UAH when buying online, 150 UAH at the day of the event (activities included). For children under 14  years accompanied by their parents and members of other professions, admission is free.

It's the the third time in the territory of the State Aviation Museum entertainment and educational aviation festival named  Samalyot_fest will be held. Admired by the Kiev citizens event combines an active family vacation and popularization of aviation among children, so this is the best place to spend a weekend on June 11-12, informative and fun.

The educational part of the program developed in collaboration with educators and child psychologists. It consists of  lectures and film screenings, interactive games and activities with the participation of pilots, mechanics, dispatchers and  other representatives of airline professionals. During the festival exhibits will be open to the public, so every child can feel  like a pilot, flight attendant, or mechanic in real winged cars.

By the way, the museum collection consists of more than 70 exhibits, airplanes and helicopters of civil and military aircraft  of different generations, including the original fighter of the Second World War and the largest Mi-26 helicopter in the  world. It is so huge, that is capable of transporting more than 80 passengers and accommodate even a whole separate  location of the festival.

On the territory of Samalyot_fest is another special place -"Eksperimentanium". Experienced animators will present in entertaining  game form the basic principles of physics and chemistry in the air. In addition, everyone will be able to  practice to try his hand in the flight control on realistic flight simulators and radio controlled flying drones.

The entertainment part of the program more varied - children and parents expect a large number of activities, such as  sports games and themed quests, aircraft washing and foam disco, trampolining and riding on Segway, kite flying,  watching your favorite airline cartoons, exciting spherical cinema much more detail about what can be found on the  events page https://www.facebook.com/events/214631818898023/.

As a nice bonus for the festival are available point to souvenirs, street food, sweets and cotton candy, lounge area for a  pleasant and comfortable stay, for visiting Samalyot_fest can captivate the whole day.

"We have made every effort to breathe in the Aviation Museum fabulous space atmosphere. Spaces filled with joy, joy,  kindness, love ... and aircraft! Samaylot_Fest is a source of new experiences, contacts and interests. We offer a way to  get the child out of the digital lifestyle and give him enjoy live experiences and recreational activities, "- Sergey Gnatyuk,  chief organizer of Samalyot_Fest.

For Children Up to 14 years admission is free and for older visitors the tickets are available online http://air.ikra.in/ or directly on Fesival.